Cari Twitchell and Graffiti Artists Episode 19

Legal Bits Episode #19 – Write Away

Every person has a unique voice, and those voices are worth sharing. Some people, though, struggle to put those voices into words. After all, sometimes words are hard.

That’s where people like Cari Twitchell come in. After finishing law school (and passing the Bar), Cari decided a life in law would leave her wanting something different – so she went for something new. She founded Custom Content Solutions and became the Chief Content Officer. Her specialty is writing website content for professionals who struggle to put their own voice into written words. With the internet opening a world of possibilities, a well-written website is essential to catching and keeping attention. Cari helps others focus on what they do best, while she creates the content for the website – whether it’s for a law firm or pest control company.

We’ll also talk about how a no-fuss wedding dream turned into a Disney destination, and how a California girl ended up in the freezing Minnesota winters. For people who want to learn more, Cari is preparing her own Write That Site training course.

Plus, are you planning to wash off the neighborhood graffiti? That might cost you more than you’d think.

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To get help with your website content, head to Cari’s website: www.writethatsite.com or connect with her on social:

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