Laine Torres and Grumpy Cat Episode 18

Legal Bits Episode #18 – Shoot the Shot

The world needs photographs. Marketing is a sensory experience, and quality visuals are essential to success. A poorly lighted headshot or an out-of-focus candid speaks volumes, and not in a positive way. Professionals understand the importance of good photographs.

The best photographs honestly convey a message. With portraits, the goal is to let the photo speak for the subject. Laine Torres seeks to do just that. After flying through four rolls of film during a weekend at Disney World, Laine decided she truly enjoyed photography. The young entrepreneur pursued her passion and developed a career. She knows if her clients like their photos, they will use them for all kinds of marketing. A photo, as the adage goes, is worth a thousand words.

We’ll talk about the need for confidence and comfort in a photo shoot. Laine has created a system to bring out the best in her clients, while making them feel like A-Listers. On top of that, Laine explains how a long-distance relationship helped pry her from Brazil to Minnesota.

Plus, can you get sued over a coffee gimmick? Depends if you’re Grumpy Cat.

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To set up a photo shoot, give Laine a call at 763.218.7484. If you want to see her work first, check out her website.

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