Ann Aubitz and Hashtags Episode 17

Legal Bits Episode #17 – Pen to Paper

From idea to Barnes & Noble, creating a book is a practiced skill. The author must turn the idea into words, editors must make sure the words belong together, and printers and publishers must get those words on paper and on shelves. Mastering the process takes time, patience, and connections. Good books go through the hands of good writers, good editors, and good printers.

Ann Aubitz started a print shop in 2009, not quite understanding the process she had started. As time passed, Fuzion Print began printing books. At her first book fair, Ann displayed a grand total of two books; now she totes hundreds. With experience and connections in graphic design and editing, Fuzion Print can take a book from transcript to completed work entirely in-house or can piece the work to meet authors in the middle of the process.

Part of giving good advice is having experience, so Ann wrote a book to learn the steps from the inside. She’ll tell us about becoming friends with her clients and how family members are great beta-editors, but the final edits should go to someone who makes a living editing that specific genre.

Plus, do you want to own your hashtag? Get in line.

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