Lisa Brouwer and What is a Contract Episode 16

Legal Bits Episode #16 – Sea to Shining Sea

Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to take an uncertain next step. A comfortable career with financial security might make sense, even though it isn’t necessarily passion-fueled. Yet at some point, it might make more sense to just say, “Yes,” to the dream.

After more than two decades managing mortgages and taking on corporate America, Lisa Brouwer traded her high heels for Harley boots. The long-time motorcycle enthusiast decided to pursue her passion and use her love of motorcycles to inspire others. She turned a hobby into a business and acts as a keynote speaker across the country. Now her goal is to inspire others to leave their comfort zones because she knows once they do, they will never go back.

We’ll follow Lisa as she and a friend followed the path set by Avis and Effie Hotchkiss a century earlier, traveling from New York to San Francisco by motorcycle. The Inspired Tour took over two weeks, as Lisa crossed 4,690 miles of American roadways. She’ll explain why one of her prized possessions is a jar of dirty water, and how she’s learning to focus on the destination and still enjoy the ride.

Plus, what makes a contract? If you don’t agree, you’ll never know.

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