NFL, Trademarks and Tim Smith Episode 15

Legal Bits Episode #15 – Fired Up

Things can go wrong quickly, and when they do, it’s too late to figure out what to do. Being prepared can keep a scare from becoming a disaster, and good preparedness requires good training. When it’s a matter of life and death, knowing how to properly perform CPR is worth the work it takes to learn.

One of the many children who dreamed of becoming a firefighter, Tim Smith became one of the few children to live out his dream. When he married an EMT (who later became a registered nurse), their passion for helping people and training gave birth to a new idea – HeartCert. The CPR and First Aid training company may not have started as HeartCert, since Tim changed the company’s name four times during its development, though the goal has never wavered. Tim set out to help train people to be equipped in the event of a crisis.

We’ll get a peek into an average workday that starts at an elementary school and makes a pit stop with HeartCert’s biggest client, US Bank Stadium. Tim will explain how one-on-one training in his living room has transformed into group classes across the state, and how CPR might connect to the Vikings’ Minneapolis Miracle.

Plus, what if every league had a “Superbowl?” It might not be so super.

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To learn more about HeartCert or to schedule a training for yourself or your business, head over to their website.

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