Theresa Gunderson and the Trademark Office Episode 13

Legal Bits Episode #13 – Habla Español

Too often, adults live in fear of making mistakes. When the room is full of other adults, risk-taking is cut to the minimum. This makes learning a new language especially difficult since almost everything about the process is as advertised: new.

Children, however, jump into the conversation with a new language, not worried about mistakes they wouldn’t even know they made. Theresa Gunderson realized this, and so her entrepreneurial venture morphed into the O’Neill Language Academy. What began as a Spanish instruction course for adults in the business world has become a two-headed adventure. Theresa uses the course to help children learn a new language, which utilizes her passion for teaching language. In addition, she uses the classes to help other adults understand and visualize the potential business opportunity in teaching a foreign language to students outside the school.

We’ll talk about the change from moving from Spain back to Minnesota, and how the 9/11 attacks impacted Theresa’s business. There’s always more to do with your own business, whether it’s learning new languages or creating stickers – because kids love stickers.

Plus, is your idea already trademarked? Check the list.

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To find language classes to broaden your expertise, head over to the O’Neill Language Academy website.

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