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Legal Bits Episode #12 – Psy-Chic

From picking the horses before a race to predicting which stocks will climb, psychics are sought after for their ability to sense things before they happen. True psychics are born with a gift, and then spend years developing the skills necessary to make an impact. They can dig deep, seeing the truth in a person, their family, and their future.

As a fifth generation psychic, when Ruth Lordan strolled through the French Quarter of New Orleans and spotted a sign for a job opening as a palm reader, her excitement peaked. With several decades of experience, Ruth has mastered the art of living in the moment. She emphasizes the importance of following her feeling and being bluntly honest with what she sees. She equates her psychic powers to a camera, and she is a skilled photographer.

We’ll explore the different ‘lenses’ in Ruth’s repertoire, from the crystal ball to reading palms. She’ll even explain how she used her psychic powers to cheat in college, and why it’s easy to talk to the dead.

Plus, do you need to file a copyright? It might be your DIY project of the afternoon.

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