End of the Year Tasks, Leta Green Episode 10

Legal Bits Episode #10 – Flush the Poop

Many people grow up surrounded by the harsh words of others. From being called ugly to being the butt of jokes, the false narratives become so familiar they seem as though they must be true. Criticisms become mantras, and a self-inflicted cycle of “poopy” thoughts can be hard to break.

That’s where Leta Greene, a professional makeup artist, and entrepreneur, steps in. After growing up in a similar situation, where her own grandmother told her no one could ever love her, Leta learned she could be more productive if she stopped feeding herself the lies she had been told. Instead, she focused on embracing her “hotness” with a renewed perspective. She believes success requires laser-focused effort and skilled compartmentalization, so full attention can be given where it belongs. At work, the focus belongs on helping her clients look the right way for their role while making them feel beautiful.

We’ll talk about the difference between your comfort zone and your niche, and why “poop” is an analogy with which anyone can relate. Leta will also discuss her experience as a TEDx speaker, and give a sneak peek into her book, “How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness.”

Plus, do you want business help? You should ask the State.

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To get the full scoop on embracing your “hotness,” check out Leta’s book.

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