Jeffrey O’Brien and End of Year Tasks Episode 9

Legal Bits Episode #9 – Dilly Dilly          

There may have been a time when a man clothed head to heel in medieval garb strolling through the front door meant trouble. Now, it would be surprising if he didn’t at some point offer a friendly “dilly dilly” salute. Such has become the era of Bud Light marketing, and the social media prevalence of this generation has driven recognition to new heights.

Attorney Jeff O’Brien heard about the Bud Light incident from one of his clients – Modist Brewery. As a response to Anheuser Busch buying out craft breweries across the country, Modist decided to name a new brew after the Bud Knight’s cheer. The cease-and-desist letter arrived complete with a wax Bud Light seal and two tickets to Superbowl 52. Although a bit exceptional, Jeff has come to have more than his fair share of wonderful stories working alongside nearly 60 breweries. His massive knowledge base helps him coach new breweries and connect master brewers with up-and-comers, both of whom will call Jeff if and when a medieval messenger comes knocking on their brewery door.

We’ll also examine why having a niche clientele is beneficial. Jeff will explain how he got his start with brewery representation, and why working with craft brewers is one of the best parts of his job.

Plus, does your business still exist? Tell the Secretary of State.

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