Licensing JNet Smith Episode 8

Legal Bits Episode #8 – Comics and Ice Cream

The key to turning an idea into an icon comes down to two pieces – marketability and distribution. A good licensing agent can effectively evaluate a product’s market value, and determine if and where it could be profitable. The next step is getting the product off the drawing board and into hands of paying customers. Ideally, the goal is to do this as inexpensively as possible.

In a truly bold move, J’Net Smith once convinced a sponsor to pay for the advertising, simultaneously smashing into a brand new – and massive – consumer market. After a degree in journalism and market led her to New York City, J’Net found she liked working with licensing, and she liked the Dilbert comic strip. With her hard work and innate ability to make connections, J’Net turned Dilbert into a global brand, complete with unheard of placement in the Wall Street Journal – on someone else’s dime.

We’ll talk about how being a good teacher is key to being a good licensor, and how being the Official Matchmaker, Blogger, and Resource Center Host for the Art + Design and Brand/Agents zones at the Advanstar Licensing Expo, the largest in the world, helps her meet new people. On top of that, we’ll talk about eggnog-flavored ice cream and the hybrid creation of a zebra and a unicorn.

Plus, you think you own something just because you paid for it? Yeah, (copy)right.

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