LLC or Corporation – Lisa Bollin Episode 7

Legal Bits Episode #7 – Barrel of Business

Sometimes buying clothing means choosing between fashion and function. Common sense seems to defy this either-or decision; clothing should be made well and feel good. As a built-in expectation, it needs to look nice.

Almost two decades ago, Lisa Bollin decided she would not stand for uncomfortable or outdated Western clothing options – so she made her own. With some custom shirts in the back of her truck, Lisa started selling at barrel racing shows. As demand outweighed her supply, she realized a business could be sewn together. The Cowgirl Tuff Company set out to create fashionable, comfortable clothing. With over 60 custom sizes for jeans, Cowgirl Tuff easily exceeds expectations. The company has now expanded to include B. Tuff men’s clothing, too.

Lisa also talks about how her men’s line of H.O.O.A.H. jeans gives part of the profit to an organization working alongside military veterans upon return to the United States. She’ll tell us about her massive benefit sale with clothing priced over 50 percent off retail, and why she donates the profit.

Plus, are you more LLC or corporation? Ask a (good) lawyer.

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To get your next pair of jeans, head to the Mall of America for brand-new styles, or check out the Cowgirl Tuff online store.

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