Trademarks, Copyright and Nicole Fende Episode 6

Legal Bits Episode #6 – Bling Water is No Joke

A good business owner or entrepreneur realizes the difference between revenue and net income. Seeing money roll in is certainly encouraging until it comes time to balance the books. Once time is factored in, some business models aren’t sustainable. Others are built to thrive.

Laughing her way through the investment world, Nicole Fende became a Chief Financial Officer before she turned 30. In the process, she has learned the importance of spending time wisely, because time is more valuable than money. With her experience, Nicole is able to be “The Numbers Whisperer” and explain financial concepts in everyday language, such as comparing business expenses to planning a college party, complete with pizza and a keg. She knows a successful business makes time count, and she wants to help.

We’ll take at why water may be the best marketing strategy of all time, and why the marketing moves the bottom line in the right direction. Nicole will also talk about writing two books, working on a graphic novel, and creating a board game. She even touches on one of her favorite free-reading topics – quantum physics.

Plus, should you copyright yourself? You would only if you’re very expressive.

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