Trademarks, John Deer and Maia Haag Episode 5

Legal Bits Episode #5 – Make it Mine  

Children like learning to read and moms love watching the learning take place. Any steps to make the process easier are valued – sometimes to the tune of millions of dollars.

Maia Haag used her experience working for General Mills developing children’s products to start a customized book company, I See Me!, just over 20 years ago. She joined forces to do this with her husband Allan Haag, a graphic designer. Each book is uniquely designed, printed one by one as orders come in. The books feature the names, ages, and even pictures of the gift recipient, making the story a truly one-of-a-kind experience. The company Maia and Allan built from the ground up has persevered through years of legal battles with a former printing company, coming down to an ex-CIA expert witness testifying before a jury to keep I See Me! moving forward. Now, it’s back to writing and illustrating more stories.

We’ll also talk about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a group of all women, and why some 20-year-olds can’t make the summit. Maia will also talk about the benefits of being a tech-savvy company founded as a tangible publisher.

Plus, what can Brown do for you? It can make you connect a color to a brand.

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To see a face you know in a wonderful story, head to the I See Me! website.

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