Trademarks, Google and Abby Jimenez Episode 4

Legal Bits Episode #4 – Loki and Lemons

If you stroll through a Hollywood studio lot around 4 AM, you might notice familiar smells. Wafting through the stillness of the night are hints of chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon, with notes of toasted marshmallow, fresh cream, and snippy peppermint. Your sleepy imagination will probably think you’re dreaming of cupcakes, yet inside one nondescript studio, cupcakes are a baker’s dreams come true.

Abby Jimenez is that baker, and the winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.” From 4 AM until midnight, Abby baked her way from the top-rated cakes in Los Angeles to a national icon, as Nadia Cakes took off. As Abby will quickly remind you, the success came with three kids in three years, over $100 thousand in personal credit card debt, and plenty of sleepless nights. Now those carsick kids have a new home in Minnesota, where Abby and her husband – who quit his job to help his wife pour everything into Nadia Cakes – have started two more locations.

We’ll talk about meeting Tom Hiddleston, spending five weeks in a car with puking children, and why Unicorn Poop is such a crucial piece of Abby’s recipes. We’ll wander from Lemon Drop cupcakes to contemporary romance novels, both of which Abby created and loves to talk about.

Plus, how do you kill a trademark? Why don’t you Google it.

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If you want to order a cupcake (or a dozen), head over to the Nadia Cakes website.

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