Abby Walker Episode 3

Legal Bits Episode #3 – Step Up

In a competitive world, the daring businesswoman can find an advantage in anything. Sometimes, the advantage is strapped to her feet. High heels have the power to build confidence and set a woman apart.

After finding her edge with a pair of polka-dot heels, Abby Walker realized the problem with heels is the pain they cause. After working on a well-intentioned spray to minimize pain, insoles became the target product. Abby took her hobby job, tossed herself out of her comfort zone, and turned her idea into a multi-million dollar company with global reach. Vivian Lou is a widely recognized company, having sold out three times on the Home Shopping Network and being featured on The View, Good Morning America, and in USA Today.

In her “spare time,” Abby put together a book, Strap On A Pair, detailing her journey as an entrepreneur. She talks about the importance of embracing failure, learning to jump without seeing the landing, and using a little foul language.

Plus, can you tell the difference between a review and an advertisement? The law says it should be obvious.

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If you – or someone you know – spends a lot of life in heels, head over to the Vivian Lou website to grab some insoles and learn more about Abby.

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