Monkey Copyright and Luvafoodie.com Episode 2

Legal Bits Episode #2 – Spice It Up

Passion often brings out the best in a person. Whether it’s striving to be the most decorated athlete, yearning to be the highest paid CEO, or craving to create the perfect recipe – passion pushes people toward new levels of success. Few things taste sweeter than that kind of success.

After a career in corporate America, Michelle Mazzara decided to chase her passion – which led her straight to her kitchen. LuvAFoodie began with Michelle poring over her spices, coming up with new combinations to enhance her dishes. After a serious heart attack, Michelle turned her attention to salt-free recipes. Her passion drove her toward handfuls of new spice combinations that are in grocery stores all around the Twin Cities.

We’ll explore what it takes to become an approved vendor for the Superbowl, and how to survive the cut from 1,000 applicants to just 80 food vendors. The process involves two of Minnesota’s favorite treats – chocolate and cheese curds.

Plus, does a copyright belong to the subject or the photographer? It might depend on how much monkey business is involved.

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To grab some delicious spices, or if you’re craving some cheese curds, head to your local Twin Cities HyVee or check out the LuvAFoodie website.

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