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Welcome to the Legal Bits for Business Show.

I am both a business owner and a lawyer. I will be your guide through the universe where law and business mix and occasionally collide.

It is my goal to take the corporate speak, and the legal speak out of the issue and talk about what’s really going on.

Obed Santos Episode 61

Legal Bits Episode#61 –See the Target

It takes some level of adaptability to make a business work. Once a model is accepted and customers trust the brand, tweaks still keep the company progressing. Without improvements, a business will be leaped by competitors or trampled by determined consumers. With some shrewd adjustments, […]

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Rachelle Niemann Episode 60

Legal Bits Episode #60 –Anxiously Embracing It

Businesses are often born from personal experience. Especially when a business is in its infancy, personal investment is essential to progress. It takes some sweat equity to lay the foundation for a new idea. The anxiety of opening up and letting life lessons become […]

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Nichole Smaglick Episode 59

Legal Bits Episode #59 – Start Making

There is an unwritten understanding that no ideas are new. To come up with a new concept usually means taking a familiar model and infusing it with a new perspective. One of the best ways to draw on fresh points of view is to embrace […]

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James Celkis Episode 58

Legal Bits Episode #58 –On the Side

Some entrepreneurial ventures require sacrifice. From time to money, it often takes a lot of effort to turn a dream into a reality. For this reason, a small business may start on the side and grow slowly. It is in times such as this […]

Nancy Sheed Episode 57

Legal Bits Episode #57 – Making a Marketer

Having a good business nobody knows about will not make a lasting business. Sometimes the key to turning big ideas into big paychecks is good marketing. Whether you turn a personal network into increased brand awareness or maximize social media posts, your efforts […]


Kelly Jahner-Byrne Episode 56

Legal Bits Episode #56 – Bob and Weave

Progress is a good measure of growth, and growth a good measure of success. Any entrepreneur knows stagnation is frustrating, and sometimes a failure feels fatal. It may take someone else to pick you up, brush the dirt off, and get things moving […]

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Kim McLaughlin Episode 54

Legal Bits Episode #54 – Better Eating

So much of life becomes cyclical, as days seem to loop. Human nature craves routine, even when the cycle may not be helpful. Perhaps no area more obviously illustrates this trend than common eating habits, as many individuals overeat to cope with overwhelming emotions, […]


Ursula Mentjes Episode 53

Legal Bits Episode #53 – Just Get Out of Your Way

Sometimes the biggest obstacle between you and your success is your own mindset. You think selling means doing something a specific way, and you set your sights on accomplishing that task. When things go in an unexpected direction, you only […]

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Debbie Hoffman Episode 52

Legal Bits Episode #52 – Easy to Follow

Having a great business idea is the root of success. Yet so many excellent ideas never bring a return on investment, and what could have been just is not. The issue is so many people are either unsure how or afraid to follow […]

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