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Welcome to the Legal Bits for Business Show.

I am both a business owner and a lawyer. I will be your guide through the universe where law and business mix and occasionally collide.

It is my goal to take the corporate speak, and the legal speak out of the issue and talk about what’s really going on.

Kari Switala Episode 108

Legal Bits Episode #108 – Unique Value   

The difference between a good business idea and an actually good business is often the people involved. Connections are about people, not ideas or accolades. A savvy business owner understands the importance of building relationships and embracing uniqueness.

With a house full of boys […]

Andy Kocemba Episode 107

Legal Bits Episode #107 – Here’s the Deal  

Sometimes an entrepreneur needs to cash out – or cash in. Businesses can evolve and take on a life of their own, and if the value of the business suggests it can survive with almost anyone at the wheel, it might be […]

Barb Greenberg Episode 106

Legal Bits Episode #106 – Just Try Again

In life, the hits are inevitable. Good days come, and bad days do, too. The bruises left by the painful experiences make the bad days seem to linger longer than the good days, and the strength necessary to get back up seems […]

Nancy Chakrin Episode 105

Legal Bits Episode #105 – Serial Senior

For some entrepreneurs, the world is a series of opportunities. There are problems everywhere, and every problem can have a solution. With the effort and time necessary, a serial entrepreneur can pack several lifetimes of experience into a full life. The trick is […]

Meg Miller Episode 104

Legal Bits Episode #104 – Organized Transition    

Some businesses capitalize on necessary services; everyone needs food, everyone needs insurance. Eventually, everyone needs to go through end of life planning. Even though the process may look different for each individual, there are plenty of details to consider with care, estate planning, […]

Dennis and Karen Vinar Episode 103

Legal Bits Episode #103 – Storybook Ending   

Sometimes a good story almost writes itself. A crafty entrepreneur will seize the opportunity when it presents itself. The words must be put on paper, and some branding must be done. Even a good story is only as effective as the work behind […]

Ashlee Anvik and Thomas Wynants Episode 102

Legal Bits Episode #102 – Market Research  

A business can only be as successful as its market. For any entrepreneur, an understanding of the market he or she wishes to occupy is a critical piece to building a thriving business. While the concept seems simple, few businesspeople truly invest in […]

Thea Lopatka Episode 101

Legal Bits Episode #101 – High Steaks

Almost every entrepreneur is unafraid of risk. Starting a business – especially with an idea for a new market – is risky. The chance of success is what makes it tempting, and the chance of failure is what makes most people keep their day […]

Tricia Nissen Episode 100

Legal Bits Episode #100 – The Century Mark

A legacy matters, and a business owner understands the value in celebrating a legacy. If a farm is both recognized by an official program and stays in the family for 100 years, the farm is officially recorded as a Century Farm. Many farmers […]

Endorsements, Family, Farm, Legacy, Podcast|

David Schlotfeldt Episode 99

Legal Bits Episode #99 – Lifelong Developer   

If an opportunity presents itself, an entrepreneur seizes the moment. Even if the plan said to wait or to start at a different point, the keen businessperson understands the opening is critical to success. With the skill and passion to make the chance […]

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