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Welcome to the Legal Bits for Business Show.

I am both a business owner and a lawyer. I will be your guide through the universe where law and business mix and occasionally collide.

It is my goal to take the corporate speak, and the legal speak out of the issue and talk about what’s really going on.

Dan Person Episode 86

Legal Bits Episode #86 – Royally Delicious

A perfect recipe for success includes, inevitably, a mix of good fortune and seizing the right moments. Every great idea also needs an audience and a venue, or perhaps a restaurant. Mixing together a blend of ideas and tastes takes the confidence to stand […]

Ella Selyukov Episode 85

Legal Bits Episode #85 – Caring and Growth

A job only feels like work if you do not care about what you are doing. If you care enough, your passion will drive what you do and push you to do better. A successful entrepreneur is passionate, and perseverant when things do […]

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Linda Rasch Episode 84

Legal Bits Episode #84 – Chameleon Mode

Sometimes we do what we think we should do, rather than doing what we want to do. When we have responsibilities, we have to get the job done. In our careers, sometimes those responsibilities cause us to burn out, when they could cause us […]

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Donna Chicone Episode 83

Legal Bits Episode #83 – Passion for Puppies

Every job has something to teach you, and eventually, the skills learned might become the foundation of the dream job you always wanted. The key to seizing the tools when they become available is grabbing hold of every opportunity. Whether it is a […]

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Katie Kimball Episode 82

Legal Bits Episode #82 – For the Fun of Fear

Life has a way of grabbing you by the ankles and dragging – or flipping – you where you are supposed to be. If you try to pursue something you think “makes sense” when you have no passion behind what […]

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Jennifer Imediegwu Episode 81

Legal Bits Episode #81 – Hats Off to Her

Women are accustomed to wearing multiple hats – from wife to mom to business owner, everything matters and somehow it all has to get done, too. For some, the career hat is front and center, almost like a crown, for the world […]

Gloria Englund Episode 80

Legal Bits Episode #80 – Beating Addiction

Passion often forces action. When something inside you is burning deeply, you often have no choice but to take steps to feed the desire, if only to satisfy the yearning. The moves made from passion often create the best businesses, because the personal investment […]

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Terri Lynn Schmidt Episode 79

Legal Bits Episode #79 – Funny Cars and Guitars

Sometimes a business idea comes in the wake of a completely different plan. Heading down one career path can lead to closed doors, but in the process can come a realization of a new passion. For a budding entrepreneur, the new discovery […]

Betty Brandt Passick Episode 78

Legal Bits Episode #78 – Married to a Gangster

Sometimes a story takes time to be finished. Whether the details are still unfolding or other stories need to be told first, eventually the tale will make its way to the finish line. Some business opportunities come about similarly, with the inevitable […]

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Dana Ellis Episode 77

Legal Bits Episode #77 – Pleasure Meeting You

Some people do not realize the importance of the business within the business. Every businessperson is responsible for the details of getting the job done. With the right strategy, you can carve out a career helping with the details other people might otherwise […]

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